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chOOn!! w/ Quantum Foam in Empty Rooms Vol. 1

  • Ambient
  • Cosmic
  • Experimental
  • Library
  • Minimalism

This month’s show features another special guest mix selection. Drawing on American visual artist Bruce Nauman’s 1985 two-channel video work Good Boy Bad Boy, Quantum Foam Sounds and Music For Empty Rooms share the first of two collaborative mixes - a delightfully odd set that illuminates the alchemy of their niche YouTube channels, extracurricular experiments and unlikely crosscurrents.

Artist — Track Name

Eric Vann - Sunken Galleons (intro)
Bernard Lubat - Super Slow Down
Paul Williams - Honeydew
L.A. Jenkins - Transfer
インテリア Interior - Park
Gabriel Yared - Vocal In Love
S.O.U.L. - Sleeping Beauty
原神 玲 Rei Harakami - 縁側
James Harpham - Raindrops
Pete Willsher - Alien Tides
Little Mob City - Cabbage
The Clown - Naima
Silver Leaf - Can We Rebuild Our City
14. ウインダリア・オーケストラ Windaria Orchestra - 頽廃のパーティ Decadence Party
Tommy Mandel - VII Eta (Pastel)
OPA - Arise
松長 央樹 Hiroki Matsunaga - Interlude (Rain)
Giampiero Boneschi - Retiredly
Multi Sound Man - Spring Love Song
織田 晃之祐 Kohnosuke Oda - オーロラ イリュージョン
Unknown Artist - プロジェクト ビューティー Project Beauty VIII
和泉希洋志 Kiyoshi Izumi - E.T In Dept
h hunt - Pêche II
高木正勝 Takagi Masakatsu - Cino Piano


chOOn!! is a newly formed reissue label championing obscure and forgotten sounds. They celebrate rare musical antiquities drawn from a vast spectrum of curious, unique, deranged and experimental sound design. They will be broadcasting a mix of deep digging and upcoming projects from the label and showcasing guest sessions from its friends.

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