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chOOn!! w/ J.G.G.

  • Experimental
  • Minimalism
  • Avant-Garde
  • Folk
  • Cosmic

On this month’s show, we are delighted to share a guest mix from Jordi Gegé, mastermind behind the sporadic manifestations of J.G.G. His guest mix encapsulates the orientation of Ediciones Populares, the Barcelona based record label that Gegé has run since 2015. Eclectic, inventive, inquisitively playful and surreal, these compositions are crisp, punchy little moments of exuberance: each a spectral parade of emotions and moments that are simultaneously teeming with unforeseeable ideas and startling juxtapositions. An eccentric gem that defies classification.

Artist — Track Name

Godard Jamaïca - Forest Reggae
Enrique del Castillo - Rigodón. Danza de la uva, cortejo del arrendajo
Iceblink - Cellphone in the bath
Angel Bat Dawid - Transition East
SIP - Sparkling Spur
Pablo Volt - Nuevo Orden
Pulsāvī - Islas Digitales
Dead Goldfish Ensemble - Important Haircuts
Pascal Comelade - Impressions d'Afrique / Justine
El Maletín de Maravillas del Dr. Ferreiro - Habrá que decir bien
Mme Psychosis - Space
Polseguera - Pedregar
Colleen - Conditional (Moog Comission)
LauradeDíaz - 02:42 & 6:30 am
Dania - Spectral
Severine Beata & Javi Álvarez - La era del trance
Unknown Artist - Unknown Track
Frankie Reyes - Alma, corazón y vida


chOOn!! is a newly formed reissue label championing obscure and forgotten sounds. They celebrate rare musical antiquities drawn from a vast spectrum of curious, unique, deranged and experimental sound design. They will be broadcasting a mix of deep digging and upcoming projects from the label and showcasing guest sessions from its friends.

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