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chOOn!! w/ Canela En Surco

  • Experimental
  • Minimalism
  • Avant-Garde
  • Folk
  • Cosmic

On this month’s show, we are delighted to share a guest mix from Barcelona-based label Canela En Surco. Their guest mix ranges from woozy flashbacks to half-forgotten bangers and sidereal Latin-fusion. This is strangely evocative music: traces of folk melody, washed out by memory; a Galician pastoral soundscape, bleached into abstraction and drifting inexorably into an oceanic semi-consciousness. Access to several of the deepest trenches in this ocean has widened. Countless immeasurable journeys await.

Artist — Track Name

Yaki Kandru - Yahuar Mallcu
Rui Junior - Eira
Mosaico - La Cigüeña
Rui Junior - Mobby Dick (Dominique)
Mosaico - La Galana
Nivaldo Ornelas - Da Minha Janela
Luis Cilia - Como és belo, meu Portugal
Jose Mario Branco - Engrenagem
Xerardo Moscoso - Leva os aforros pra o banco
Jose Afonso - Rio Largo de Profundis
Julio Pereira - Terra do Bravo
Cuarteta - Amado
Miguel Tur - Pensamiento de un pobre
Los Solitarios y Paco Trelles - Blanca Pared
Chelique Sarabia - Pasajero del tiempo
Pilar Torreblanca - Introducción
Bibiano - Opinión


chOOn!! is a newly formed reissue label championing obscure and forgotten sounds. They celebrate rare musical antiquities drawn from a vast spectrum of curious, unique, deranged and experimental sound design. They will be broadcasting a mix of deep digging and upcoming projects from the label and showcasing guest sessions from its friends.

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