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Ceramics: Skramborne Chase

  • Punk
  • Metal
Artist — Track Name

Angel Hair - Witch hunt scene from Star Trek
A fine boat, that coffin - Ey, Haste Ne Bombe Geköpft Oder Was
Toru Okada - Kiss me through the computer screen
Hassan I Sabbah - Watching the eyes of someone lying
The Apoplexy twist orchestra - The 15 minutes attraction
Hot Cross - Between Minutes and Miles
Cowboys became folk heroes - Direct action gets the goods
Jr Ewing - Monument
Kodan Armada - No Has Never Had Three Letters
Ampere - New Urbanism
Beau navire - phalanx of lenses
Reversal of Man - What the thunder said
Daitro - Mes Chiffres
Pg. 99 - My Application to heaven
Raein - Tiger suit
Yaphet Kotto - Circumstancial evidence
Neil Perry - Sorry for misunderstand Mr Watts
Usurp Synapse - I was born with a hard on
Joshua Fit for battle - Bloody Money
The Birds are spies, they report to the trees - Get away with blasphemy
Funeral Diner - Direct Hit
City of Caterpillar - Fucking Hero
The Mock Heroic - On the study of the living dead


DJ Hamish takes charge of the labels monthly Noods show.

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