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Camila Fuchs

  • EBM
  • Experimental
  • Hip-Hop
  • Industrial
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Artist / Track Name

Techno Animal - Needle (City Slang)
HIDE - 999 (Dais Records)
Techno Animal - Sub Species (Matador)
Zebra Katz & Leila Arab - What u want (Mad Decent) Eartheater - Slyly Child (Pan)
CoH - Supernature (Mega / Raster-Noton)
Mika Vaino - Scale (Blast First Petite)
Carl Crack - KR6200 (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Hinako Omori - Meditation (Self Released)
Magnetophone - Rae and Suzette (4AD)
Techno Animal - The Disciples of Dark (Position Chrome) Distasterpiece - Stasis Awakening (Bludhoney Records)
Leila Arab - Mettle (Warp)
Shizuo - The Man (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Odonis Odonis - Collector (Felte)
Debby Friday - Tear the Veil (Deathbomb Arc)
Air Liquide - Interactive Warlord (Sm:)e Communications)
CoH - Helicon (Editions Mego)
Brother May ft. Micachu & Baker Trouble - Fine (Self Released)
Psychic TV - Stargods (Visionary Communications)