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Cairo Station

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Cora Vaucaire - Demons et merveilles
Georges Brassens - Supplique Pour Etre Enterre A La Plage De Sete
Passion Fodder - Freedom is slavery
Pierre Desprats & Elina Lowensohn - Wild Girl
Norberto Lobo - Samantra
Buckethead feat. Viggo Mortensen - Sunrise
Om - Sinai
Christopher Spielman - City Of Gold
Popol Vuh - Aguirre I
Koichi Shimizu - Memory of the future
Asei Kobayashi - Micky Oshino - Evening Mist

Cairo Station

Cinematic vibes: Roberto heads off on curious journeys through global cinema, offering delights gleaned from scores and soundtracks. Expect Arabian Nights, French Touch, the classics and the unexpected.

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