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Cairo Station

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Artist / Track Name
Daniele Sepe - Tarantella del Gargano
Nino Rota - Canzone arrabbiata (Instr)
John Zorn - The Sicilian Clan
Actores Alidos - Omines comente tamburos
Tenores de Orgosolo - A Nugoro so annadu
Tenores de Bitti - Anghelos Cantade
Hobocombo - Theme and Variations
Pinuccio Sciola and Elettroflebo - Play the Sound Stones
Jerry Fielding - Demon Seed
Wendy Carlos - Clockworks (Bloody elevators)
Louis and Bebe Barron - Krell Shuttle Ride and power Station
Zdeněk Liška - Ikarie XB -1 OST
Spencer Moore - Night of the living dead OST
Goblin - Dawn of the dead
Adamennon - La Giostra del Folle
Ethan rose - Song two
Francesco Serra - Treno
Mary Lattimore - Otis Walks Into The Woods
Mark Lyken & Emma Dove - Douglas
John Fahey - Red Cross, disciple of Christ today
Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - Laurent et Bernadette
François de Roubaix - Franz et Dino
Ravi Shankar - Allah Rocking
Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda
Michel Magne - Pour l'amour des sous
Pierre Henry - Psyche Rock
Franco Micalizzi - Sambamba
Bruno Maderna - Guaiaba
Steve Lacy - Roma
Nino Rota - Ecclesiastical Fashion Show Pt 1

Cairo Station

Cinematic vibes: Roberto heads off on curious journeys through global cinema, offering delights gleaned from scores and soundtracks. Expect Arabian Nights, French Touch, the classics and the unexpected.

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