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Cafe Noche

  • Dub
  • Chug
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Mains Courantes - Лечу
King Doudou - Two Words (Version)
Mxshi Mo - Slow Poison
Norachi - Pambula Dub
Zentash Gigawatt - Lost in the Jungle
River Yarra - Mu Jungle
Henzo - Humidity Valve (>>)
Galtier - Otswowe
Bionic Skank - Orbiting
Element - Nine Mall
Deadbeat x Om Unit - Leaf
Quirk - Haile Sensitive
Mains Courantes - Бегу
Vina Konda - Talaf Zoubaka
Jetty - David Banner
Aheadacheaday - Tempo
Slowglide - Livyatan

Café Noche

Since its metaphorical opening in 2019, the café has poured its ethos into many moulds. What started out as a radio show soundtracking countless pilgrimages to dark rooms across Europe, Café Noche has spent the last few years enduring a period of fermentation that found it throwing parties, displaying some trouble pseudo-record label behaviour and roping innocent bystanders into its international network of peckish sleeper cells. This monthly output offers up a menu of small plates reaching into the dark, percussive, whimsical corners of chug, trance, synth pop and left field electronica. As we head off into the dusty, greasy abyss we’ll explore old and new, throwing in unreleased Café™ edits and originals as and when the mood strikes.

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