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Café Noche

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Welcome to the cafe darling. Do you want a plate of chug. I'm afraid it's all we've got this miserable month.

Artist — Track Name

Ron Boots - Lachrymation
Higher Intelligence Agency - 3P
Aes Dana - Aftermath #05
Asura - They Will Come
P A N - Indian Round Dance
Sinusoidal - Artiste! Nous Ne Sommes Rien
Exhausted Modern - Beta Pictoris
Tamburi Neri - Religion Rebel
Bearer - Drip
Morten Sondergaard - Sahara I Mine Mænder
Mesías - Rizu X
Vromb - Emphase
Jack Pattern - Kernkraft
Ramzi - Mutation (Priori Refuzz)
Code - Love Perfection

Café Noche

Welcome to Café Noche, a place for malformation and congregation. Rolling from ambient and new age sounds through EBM perspectives and zany electronica into an often dusty, occasionally greasy abyss. Grab a drink and sit tight as we slowly ramp up in pursuit of an allusive tipping point.

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