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Cafe Noche

  • Afro Disco
  • Cumbia
  • Industrial
  • Pop
  • Synth Pop
Artist — Track Name

Haruomi Hosono - Laughter Meditation (Massey Mix)
Louisa Miller- Share the Love Around
Badawi - Tall King Dub
Syoko - Erewhon
Megabyte - Groovy Sports
Jimi Bazzaouka - Giappone
Yasuaki Shimizu - Blue Suits
Yoshio Ojima - Days-Man
Ondatropica - Reyes De La Terpia
African Vibration - Hinde
Isabella Antena - Laying on the Sofa (Mark Kamins Mix)
Nana Tuffour - M’Anu Me Ho
Jan Fex - Drommar Haller Mig Vanken (John Ressle Adjustment)
Keith LeBlanc - Mechanical Movements Dub
T99 - Invisible Sensuality

Café Noche

Welcome to Café Noche, a place for malformation and congregation. Rolling from ambient and new age sounds through EBM perspectives and zany electronica into an often dusty, occasionally greasy abyss. Grab a drink and sit tight as we slowly ramp up in pursuit of an allusive tipping point.

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