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Café Noche

  • IDM
  • Chug
  • New Wave
  • Beats
  • Trance

We embark on our hour with an original ambient epic inspired by our best friend and cat Cleo. She quickly leads us into the mystic depths of 90s trance.

Artist — Track Name

Action Sports - Puppet Path
NVST - Police Star Pablo
Jacques Satre - Furan Dynamic Project
Vladimir Gnetenko - Waasin
Prism - Skunk Buddhist
Jean-Yves Rigo - Techno Activity
Low Khey - Cyborgs Faking Emotions
Tranceparents - Child 9 (Homo Futura)
ULV - The Lost Industrial Temples (ASW Remix)
Zyon - Something Higher
Sabla - Chant 35
Nick Leon - Scarab
Midnight Manoeuvres - Moored

Café Noche

Welcome to Café Noche, a place for malformation and congregation. Rolling from ambient and new age sounds through EBM perspectives and zany electronica into an often dusty, occasionally greasy abyss. Grab a drink and sit tight as we slowly ramp up in pursuit of an allusive tipping point.

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