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Café Noche

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  • Alt-Pop
  • Dark-Wave
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Psychedelic Rock

An alarmingly cheerful selection of wonky funk chug for the lunch hour.

Artist — Track Name

Mental Age Test - The Sanj String Instrument
Double Geography - Lucky Bamboo
Kreidler - Zero
Neuzeitliche Bodenbelage - Maske
K.I.I.A - Killing Time
Jita Sensation - Posuere Nec
Future Transfer - Temple Rock
Andrea - Syncussion
Air Project - In The Air Tonight [Edit]
Die Orangen - The Island (Back to me)
DJ F16 Falcon - Tekamina
Suzanne Kraft - Wahnie Beat
Steppin' Wolf - Wemayedwa
JAI - Sueno Timbal
The Balek Band - Without Joe
Tendts - Dust

Café Noche

Welcome to Café Noche, a place for malformation and congregation. Rolling from ambient and new age sounds through EBM perspectives and zany electronica into an often dusty, occasionally greasy abyss. Grab a drink and sit tight as we slowly ramp up in pursuit of an allusive tipping point.

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