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Burden Imprint

  • Industrial
  • Rave
  • Pop
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Claire Guerin & Eamon Ivri - Crow Silk
Pumpkin Witch - Summoning Ritual Of the Pumpkin Witch
Unknown - Black Gold Dub (Bad Tracking Remix)
Misylma Ishmael - The Followers Path
Woulg - Submission
Seppan - Elk
Laura Boussfield - Crisis Actress
Watabou - Gabber Punk Girl
Grandma's Cottage - Go Fish
Relapse - Evening Raga
Slugabed Feat. Sega Bodega - Coot Bong
Woulg - Sernyaln
Zombieflesheater - In Hirn we Trust
The Dwarves - Dead Brides In White
DJ Eminfelx - U Liotru (Kinlaw Remix)

Burden Imprint

The show is primarily the forefront for new material coming from the Burden Imprint label. Also it's a space for me to keep everyone up to date with the various releases for Bad Tracking, Burden, Olivia Mutant John + Wrong Travolta, Parallapse, Relapse; and the various events happening around involving any of the above, and the rumblings from the ATC and Erektronika camps. All this plus regular excursions to far flung reaches for more excellent music that I'm feeling, from past and present.

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