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Crematory Stench - Interlude (Blood Harvest)
JT Whitfield - Bleak Speak (L.I.E.S.)
Fret - Walking With Cameras (L.I.E.S.)
EKORS - Eastern Hemlock (UX)
Interferon - Poison Barbs (Shrouds Remix) (Omen Recordings)
Corroid & Xanah - Leider Out
War Scenes - Raw Influence (live)
Minimal Violence - Virus Prophecy (Technicolour)
B2 - Last Moments (SBD Remix) (Carcères Records)
Funeral Future - Positive (Euromantic)
Tolebham - Tatara (Scuderia)
Pris - Corruption (EMPATH)
Alex Picodot - Revolt (Elements)
Carnera - Francesca (She Lost Kontrol)


The Brvtalist is a writer, promoter and DJ with a focus on mutant metropolitan culture. Since 2013, the platform of the same name has featured, collaborated and/or performed with a variety of artists across multiple disciplines including Julius (JP), Void Vision, Drab Majesty, Katie Gallagher, Ancient Methods, Ayarcana, VTSS, Nene H., Silent Servant and more. As a DJ, The Brvtalist fuses together a mix of techno, industrial, EBM, acid and wave, playing both sides of the Atlantic, from Los Angeles to New York, Berlin, London and Paris. In addition, The Brvtalist has also become known for its forward thinking events, staging showcases in Amsterdam, L.A. and as a resident of Ohm Berlin. Through the website of the same name, the renown podcast series, New Brvtalism and over 10 years of experience as a DJ, The Brvtalist aims to expose different elements which all share the same dark romantic allure.

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