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Brain Leak

  • Illbient
  • Experimental
  • Electro
  • Ambient
Artist — Track Name

Klankman - Losing Control
Syn - TAT 93
CRO II - Secrets
Wasteland - Wyatt
Kemetrix - Kemetrix Unbound
The Shadow Ring - Start Repeating
[L.U.K.L] - Trance Chills Under Water
CRO II - Dark Angel
Supersoul - Feel the Cold (illicit version)
Tase - Assistent
NIXolympia - gold top
Aron Coleman vs Cedrik Jordan - Da Leech
Luciano - Lucie

Brain Leak

A deep dive into downtempo and oddball electronic sounds of the 90s and 00s. Smoked-out illbient, hip hop B-sides, IDM freakouts, dub experiments, and selections from the weirder side of dance music.

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