On Air

Boys Club w/ Bill, IndiLa & Nakamo

  • Acid
  • Electro
  • Pop
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Shit & Cheap - Shadowlands
Lily - Memory Jacket
Ponty Mython - speak for yourself
Phil Gerus - Ohashi Sky Garden (Richard Sen remix)
Jackson Lee - Black Lodge
The Hacker & Jensen Interceptor - Industrial Drive
Voin Oruwu - After All
LA-4A - Resistor
Keppel -Atari

???- Ketamine Search
Marshall Masters - Hustler For Life (JASSS remix)
Blawan - 40 spiral
Sepehr- Dark Lord
Bours- All The Things
Mayeul- Maneater
Conffintexts- Higher
Antrum ft Synta- Tanz

Help Me - Michael Katana
Inside Revolving - AADJA
Eliminator - Tarantula
1993 - Alignment
TECK - Hunsuh
Years of concrete - Clouds
Untitled 01 - Deevai
UFO95 - Enchanted Forest
XTC - Aesztetik
Bloody Headbutt - Pawlowski
Broken - Tommy Mork
Monday Morning - Chlär
Fight Back! - TreuHand
Pillards of Creation - Lasse Vind
Ixion - Frank Heise
Baume - Peinard (I.E remix)

Boys Club

Boys Club are a London/Bristol based collective spawned from the dissatisfaction with the ‘boys club’ atmosphere of the music industry. Boys Club residents Bill, IndiLA, Ynez, and founder, Little, were united by their passion for dark fast club music and are aiming to assist in bridging gaps for upcoming female artists.

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