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BIPED - Argument on the M5
BIPED - Coiled Spring
BIPED - Bathtime
BIPED - Under Bridge (I Want To See You)
BIPED - And Then Disappear
BIPED - I Have A Huge Ginormous Penis and No One Else Can See It
BIPED - How Big the Silly Moon
BIPED - What Will I Pay For Today (Google Search)
Mary Ocher - This World
Boards of Canada - Dead Dogs Two
Silver Apples - Program
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
The Watersons - Souling Song
Lingua Ignota - MANY HANDS
Fore Teet - 0000 871 0010


60 minutes of audio knitted / kneaded together with sentimental, primordial doof doofs and garbles. Often post-club fever dreams also fuzzy ballads. Midway through a shallow-dive into the radio drama format, may or may not be finished. Grot / groov / gorgeous tunes, fake adverts and showcases of unreleased work from Bristol and elsewhere

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