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Bijou w/ Mica

  • Alternative Rock
  • Downtempo
  • Soul
  • Ambient
Artist — Track Name

Piezo - Water Chamber (feat. Sunun)
Poison Girl Friend - Histoire D'O
Nicolas Jaar - Colomb
Delilah Holliday - Steel Charmed
Sunun - Sago
ANHONI - It Must Change
ELIZA - In A Minute
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Why U In My Way
Greentea Peng - Bun Tough
Cole Pulice - Scry
Bjork - It's Not Up to You
Sinead O'Connor - All Apologies
Love Inc. - Life's A Gas

Bijou w/ MICA

Bijou (adjective): a small dainty usually ornamental piece of delicate workmanship. Bijou (noun): An hour of assorted bittersweet, rose-tinted, syrupy sounds.

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