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  • Goa Trance
  • Acid
  • Synthwave
  • New Beat
  • House
Artist — Track Name

Heavenly Bodies - Coercion (Instrumental)
Mappa Mundi - Urbi Et Orbi
The Space Cadets - Stotinki (Trans Global Underground Mix)
Xvarr - Know Thy Self
Marvin Wilson - Hydra
Dance 2 Trance - Dance 2 Trance
Spirit Feel - Forbidden Chant
Central Fire - This is a shout going out
Headtrip - Here Come The Gutiars
Dance or Die - Move
Paradise Inc - Eleventh Commandment
Kyna - Cool Blu Wave
Revelation - Synth It (The Realm Dub)
Paradise 3001 - Long Distance Call To Heaven
Synthetic Progress - Acid Future
Gondwana - Mook Mook


Balouu is a DJ & producer operating out of Bristol. He runs Honey Club Records, an independent label also based in the city. Balouu focusses on obscurities from all over, suitable for both the club, and the living room too.

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