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Soshi Takeda - Blue Dress
Mark E - Codsall Juniors
Roman Flugel - Super Sonne
Simone De Kunovich - Paradiso Delle Sabbie Mobili
Freestyle Man x Henrick Schwarz - Dub 5
Simone De Kunovich - Primal Dream
Chaos In The CBD - Hydrate
Marcello Giordani - Comin' Down
Mark Seven - Swept Away
Barnt - Hark (Vakula Remix)
Kasper Bjorke - Andrea
Auntie Flo - Reverence (Drum Meditation)
Snacks - Order to the Senses (Kornel Kovacs Remix)
Kuniyuki - Earth Beats (Fingers Deep Mix)
Richard Sen - Discorcism
Fantastic Man - I Don't Wanna Wait


Balearish is a show about all things Balearic music adjacent. Each hour of the show features a deep dive into a genre, scene, label or vibe that has at least a broad connection to Balearic music. The focus is on bringing more than just tunes to the table by coming with lots of information and weaving historical and thematic narratives into each show.

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