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Artist — Track Name

David Wise - Donkey Kong Country Theme
David Wise - Aquatic Ambience
David Wise - Water World
David Wise - In A Snow-Bound Land
Eveline Fischer - Frosty Frolics
David Wise - Life In The Mines
David Wise - Forest Interlude
David Wise - Stickerbush Symphony
Eveline Fischer - Treetop Tumble
Eveline Fischer - Voices Of The Temple
David Wise - Bayou Boogie
David Wise - Cranky's Theme
David Wise Steel Drum Rhumba
David Wise - Crazy Calypso
David Wise - Disco Train
David Wise - Hot-Head Bop
Eveline Fischer - Rockface Rumble
David Wise - Fear Factory
David Wise - Primal Rave
Scott Peterson - Scorch n Torch
Eveline Fischer - Sub Map Shuffle
David Wise - Darkmoon Caverns
David Wise - Donkey Kong Rescued
David Wise - Game Over
David Wise - The Credits Concerto


Balearish is a show about all things Balearic music adjacent. Each hour of the show features a deep dive into a genre, scene, label or vibe that has at least a broad connection to Balearic music. The focus is on bringing more than just tunes to the table by coming with lots of information and weaving historical and thematic narratives into each show.

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