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Back To The Future w/ Murphy McFly

  • Synth Pop
  • New Wave
  • Soft Rock
  • Zouk
Artist — Track Name

Gino Soccio - So Lonely
Vernal Equinox - Sunrise
Jukka Tolonen - Nights of Ibiza
Jacques Charlier - Loulou
Peter & Patrick - Abenteuer Überm Schrank (Original 1987 Version)
Noise Abroad - Valley of the Blue Men
Angie Bowie & Chico Rey - Crying in the Dark
The Exotics - Anabehak
Anna Domino - Land of My Dreams
Marine Girls - Friday Night
Torstein Bieler - Terrornatt
The Word - Lobster
Yeti - Lucy
Ban - Excesso Aqui
Rave Revues - Self Inflicted Words
Pearly Gatecrashers - Life is gonna get you Someday
Willie Alexander - Gin
The Gist - Yanks
Eternal Triangle - Nothing But a Friend
Ego - Move It Jungle Man
Gigi Flag - Nymphomaniac
Kassav - Mizik Maladi
Gilda Rey - Minnin Li
Condry. Ziqubu - More Women More Party
La Palace de Beaute - Sin
Jah Mel - Hang Him High

Back To The Future w/ Murphy McFly

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