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Avon Terror Corps w/ Salac & Concentration

  • Black Metal
  • Dub
  • Experimental
  • Hardcore
  • Industrial
Artist — Track Name

Salac - Prelude
Dylan Kerr - Language Sound Collage
Maria Sabina - Soft Singing
Ross Alexander - Amazigh Rue (Toubkal Stepper Version)
Salac - Belief System
Salac - Chain Whip
Salac - Rising Embers
Tomoko Sauvage
Maria Sabina - Chjon Nka
Salac - Sterelized Blade
Coki - Demonator
Mama Matrix Most Mystical - Full Moon Bath Ritual
Dylan Kerr - Language Sound Collage
DJ Eminflex - Orientali
Salac - Children Of Debauchery
Mama Matrix Most Mystical - Radio Esoterica
Salac - Manifesto
Hilary Woods - There Is No Moon
Salac - Untitled Piano Tape
Salac - Faded Leaves

X-Pop - Temporary
Food Court - Fumeux Fume Par Fumée
CS + Kreme - Blue Flu
David Chesworth - The Unstated Weight
Orlando Furious - Bother (prod Reeks)
Sky Needle - End Games
Concentration - Grün im Gesichte (Live at Arkaoda)
Telekenet - Sheep Copy
Match Fixer - Rubble 4
M.Quake - Blabber Disruptor On Th Fibrillator
Thrush + Warm Stranger - GDR Gym Teacher
Idylls - No Virility
Pious Faults - Cope
Dispossessed - PC Terrorist
M a l i b l u e - when u r down

Avon Terror Corps

Avon Terror Corps is a 21 strong crew of collaborators, originating from across the world but settling in Avon. Playing everything from feral noise to subtle ambience with a keen focus on collaboration within the group, ATC and the extended family convene once a month to showcase new and old music from across the spectrum.

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