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Avon Terror Corps w/ Monika Badly

  • Noise
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Monika Badly - Terrified
Puce Mary - Niight Is The Trap 2
Muqata'a - Irbak
Monika Badly - Ritual Of Purification
Monika Badly - Pulling Teeth
Cruelle - I've Taken Speed You Can Fuck Me All Night
Princess Difficult - Destroyer
Bad Tracking - Black Rew
Flesh Gordon - Dad Bod Manifesto
Monika Badly - They've Won
The Bug And Death Grips - Fuck A Bitch
Kelan - Smell Of Nothing
Monika Badly - Bark
Annie Klang - Nature's Drum
Nkisi - The Truth Is Elsewhere
IFS MA - Hanpuku
DJ Strawberry - Dance/Music
Monika Badly - Disorientated
Annie Klang - 1 Thousand Sadbois (In My Mouth)
Le Dom - Primal
Surgeon - Leadership Contest
Fret - Three Foot Twitch
Monika Badly - Masculine Form
Ornette Coleman - Street Woman
Evicshen - Bolette

Avon Terror Corps

Avon Terror Corps is a 21 strong crew of collaborators, originating from across the world but settling in Avon. Playing everything from feral noise to subtle ambience with a keen focus on collaboration within the group, ATC and the extended family convene once a month to showcase new and old music from across the spectrum.

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