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Avon Terror Corps

  • Experimental
  • Techno
  • Noise
Artist — Track Name

Seekersinternational - Forward the bass
Evil Grimace - Reinsertion
TMSV - Mountain (Wait Here, Bulu Remix)
Seekersinternational - AmenBreadren
LIANO x DJ NANI x Sszn - Get'em (Got the Shine)
Om Unit meets Seekersinternational - Murky
Morwell - Like Liquid
Dj Smurphy - Intellect
X-Altera - New Harbinger
Nikki Nair - Buggy
Evil Grimace - 2 Litres
Amit - Acid Trip (J:Kenzo Remix)
Giant Swan - Silworm
East Man & Walton - Don’t Speak
MC Gi ft El Super Gummi - Mexico
Arma - Time To
Two Rangers - Two Rangers
G Sudden - BurnOut Intro
HHY & The Kampala Unit - Bursting Thru The Gates
G sudden - Skin Get Bun
Piezo - The Madrake
HHY & The Kampala Unit - Shining Star

Avon Terror Corps

Avon Terror Corps is a 21 strong crew of collaborators, originating from across the world but settling in Avon. Playing everything from feral noise to subtle ambience with a keen focus on collaboration within the group, ATC and the extended family convene once a month to showcase new and old music from across the spectrum.

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