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Arcane Patterns w/ & Yogev-Freilichman

  • Spoken Word
  • Bassline
  • Glitch
  • Noise
  • Ambient

For our July edition, we invited the producer and sound designer Yogev Freilichman from the Dead Sea with a 50 minute guest mix. Freilichman has been releasing some quite unique EPs that explore cutting-edge sound abstraction, nervous rhythms and rough soundscapes. The show is hosted by AP co-founder who presents an exclusive track premiere of a future EP by his new post-jungle-spoken-word alias Alienationist. is part of the duo aphtc that recently released the 12" EP "Ground Poetics" with remixes by subbass club explorers i.e. Kellen 303 and Orson:

Artist — Track Name

Alienationist - Manifest [unreleased]
Wolf Eyes - No answer
Lucrecia Dalt - Errors of skin
Grischa Lichtenberger - 91028 v.1
Lyra - Bomber
Yangze - Hold your horses
Rainbow Island - Gombo Riddims
Sharp Veins - 2nd 1st Date With Destiny
Forces - Handle
Stowaway-Chemical Kenny - 9A - 117.0
Piag3t & Tristan - Curved Spring
Yogev Freilichman - Thermal
Alex Augier - Oogame
KarKait - Tlat MELET
Forests - 森林 - Non-marginal
Niel Young - Guitar solo no.5
OL - Slim career
Maoupa Mazzocchetti - 7NE
Yogev Freilichman - Hyper green wave

Arcane Patterns

Arcane Patterns is a label for kinetic body music and sonic fiction. It was founded by the artists & CRΞSC who are also known under their experimental club music duo aphtc. Enjoy an hour of kinetic rhythms, erotic drones and visceral textures to listen and dance to!

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