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Arcane Patterns w/ & SVZZ

  • Experimental
  • Bass
  • Electro
  • Footwork
  • Leftfield Techno

As we are in times of war in Europe, we planned a special show and invited the upcoming producer and DJ Igor Sorokin aka SVZZ. Usually living in Odessa and signed on the label Utro, he's now based in Rawa-Ruska near the Polish border, hopefully, safe for now. Expect an energetic trip through futuristic breakbeats and electro full of light in times of darkness.
We will provide donation links for humanitarian organisations in our Social Media channels too.

Artist — Track Name

Best Available TechnologyB3 - Very Hungry Database [unreleased] - Non-Individual Self [unreleased]
Alienationist - Slipping Into Roles Unworthy Of Them [unreleased]
Kid 606 - Caring is one thing
Definable Function - Nymate Association
DiCrYLim - Shaggy
Blackmass Plastics - Failed Systems
Soundex - Axwood
Uberzone Presents - Mr. Rush
Jade One - Digital Distortionz
SVZZ - unreleased
Fullspectrum - Apple Eater
ADJ - Bang the Beat
Definable Function - Nymate Association (Molez Remix)
IsGwan - Rest Like This
Son Of The Electic Ghost - You Forever
Cocktail Party Effect - Lemons
サイケアウツ - Lums 2step k-65 - Ghosts Fullspectrum - Villans Lair
Fullspectrum - Nes Song
Dj Televisa - D.E.P
MaFuego - Looting the Hood

Arcane Patterns

Arcane Patterns is a label for kinetic body music and sonic fiction. It was founded by the artists & CRΞSC who are also known under their experimental club music duo aphtc. Enjoy an hour of kinetic rhythms, erotic drones and visceral textures to listen and dance to!

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