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Anything Goes! w/ Fuji's Bazaar

  • Ambient
  • New Age
  • New Wave
  • Shoegaze
  • Folk
Artist — Track Name

G.E.N.E. - Voice Of Spring
Ail Gyfnod - Llif Yr Awel - Crud Yr Awel
Beirdd Coch - Ewllys Y Golomen 2
Zazou Bikaye - Binagwe
Balkan Air - Ia Stoy Milo Slatze
Ail Gyfnod - Cofia Di
Coast To Coast - Like An Angel (Instrumental)
Jina - Dagrau Ar Lin
Baron - Mecanic Poupee Elastic
Hervé - Pas Comme Au Cinéma
Denis Caret - Voyage A Borneo
Jina - Torri Addewid
Minuit Stress - Cendrillon
Les P'tits Bouts - Ocean (Instrumental)
Pink Rhythm - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love

Anything Goes! w/ Fuji's Bazaar

Keeping true to the show name, always expect a vast array of musical blends from all corners of the globe, along with some chat from host Antony (Fuji’s Bazaar) to keep things ticking along.

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