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Anything Goes! w/ Fuji's Bazaar

  • Cold wave
  • Acid House
  • Street Soul
  • Italo
  • Zouk
Artist — Track Name

Jackalope - Mex-Sal
Duncan Mackay - Gin Sing
Jinx - Rêve Inconscient
Fax - Girls In Cars
Nid Madagascar - Lledrith Lliw
Simone - Rekka (Bonus Beats)
Senyaka - Ginoh
Johnny Zee - Peeni Hai Walayati (Dance Floor Mix)
Trouble In Side - Zulu Rap (Chinese Version)
Pineapples Feat. Douglas Roop - Come On Closer
Julian Jonah - Hot To Touch
Les Pedagogues - Papi Mouzo
Patrick Parole - Seks Kontwol
Hayan' - Gadé Alé

Anything Goes! w/ Fuji's Bazaar

Keeping true to the show name, always expect a vast array of musical blends from all corners of the globe, along with some chat from host Antony (Fuji’s Bazaar) to keep things ticking along.

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