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An Hour For Severed Heads w/ B. Rupp

  • EBM
  • Experimental
  • Industrial
  • Noise
  • Synth Pop
Artist — Track Name

Severed Heads - Brassiere, In Rome
SPK - Twilight Of The Idols Culturcide
MOUTHUS - The Duration Myth
doxa sinistra - via del latte 5
Severed Heads - Lower Than the Grave
Severed Heads - Exploring The Secrets Of Deaf Mutes
Chris Carter - Outreach
Portion Control - Karsic
Severed Heads - Wasps
Severed Heads - A Million Angels
Nocturnal Emissions - Going Under
Clock DVA - Prior To Intercourse
Esplendor Geométrico - Belew 2
Futuro de Hierro - A Step Into The Void
Severed Heads - J. Edgar Hoover / C.M.I.D
Nocturnal Emissions - Ch'i Tor
Severed Heads - Houses Still Standing

An Hour For..

'An Hour For' commemorates seminal album releases, birthdays and other important dates in musical history. Lead each time by residents from the station.

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