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An Awkward Guest

  • Soundtrack
  • Ambient
  • Alt-Pop
  • Acapella
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Hania Rani - Dancing with Ghosts
Museum Of No Art - Sunbeams On Your Car
Rosa Pajaro - Memory
Isness - Birds Punctuate the Ambiance
Kato Hideki, Ikue Mori, Fred Frith - Imperial Thorn
Chantal Michelle - Broken to Echoes
Alliyah Enyo - Choral Fragmentation latenights
Ana Roxanne - Nocturne
DJ Balduin - Ladons Dream
Adela Mede - Voda Sa Vráti Tiež
Christopher Whitley - Fevers
Cucina Povera - Eikä noussut
RUHAPPY - Giants Fall Like Rain Drops And Melt Into The Sand
Man Rei - Taupe (Mute Talk)
Natural Wonder Beauty Concept - World Freehand Circle Drawing
川井憲次 - Floating Museum
Liis Ring - Samsara

An Awkward Guest

A puzzle where pieces fit but come from different boxes, coated in generous reverb. Awkward meetings between audio plays, choral drones, tape hiss and any genre imaginable.

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