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An Awkward Guest

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  • Acapella
  • Ambient
  • Alt-Pop
  • Shoegaze
Artist — Track Name

NEY - In der warmen Wasserflut
Erasers - Corridor
Chris Remo - Calm After the Storm
The Chancery - When The Earth Was Flat
Asher & Jordan - Docking
Lofting - Mending
Death And Vanilla - A Flaw In The Iris
Lucrecia Dalt - Seca
Imogen Heap - Canvas
Lauren Doss - Voices3
Ian William Craig - Banking on the Activity of the Pieces
Vashti Bunyan - Hidden
Laura Groves - Mystique
Cinchel - Out of Sync Clocks and Curved Light
Man Rei - How 2 b heavy

An Awkward Guest

A puzzle where pieces fit but come from different boxes, coated in generous reverb. Awkward meetings between audio plays, choral drones, tape hiss and any genre imaginable.

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