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All Souls w/ Reckonwrong

  • Experimental
  • House
  • Pop
  • Sketch
  • Slow Jams
Artist — Track Name

Smerz - The Favourite
Otto - Guess My Crush
P. Morris - far from home
Richard Ayres - Elegy for Alfred Schnittke
Delroy Edwards - Friday Night
Karl Lukas Petterson - I Travel the World
John FM - February
burnet207 - neutral4
Laurel Halo - Leaves
OL - Sim Career
Serpente - A Noiva (Approach)
Viola Klein - We Part One
Chris Korda - Egungun
Alfred Schnittke - Penitential Psalms VIII. If You Wish to Overcome Unending Sorrow

All Souls w/ Reckonwrong

All Souls is a broad church for sketches, live takes, and found audio alongside emotional and magical music across genres.

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