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Aerial Palettes w/ Roman Ćinske

  • New Age
  • Cosmic
  • Ambient
  • Fourth World

In Part Four of the 'Anatomy of an Idea' series, Roman Ćinkse looks at the theme of 'Exploration'. This episode specifically presents the relationship between sound and patterns, creating an immersive landscape to fade into the evening. .

Artist — Track Name

J Foerster / N Kramer - Entrance
Remember Ecstatic Duo - Estuary
Tadd Mullinix - Woman in the Dunes
Robin Saville - The Long Walk From Sallowes Church
Matthew Hayes - Penny Royal
Steve Hauschildt - Same River Twice
Celia Hollander - Spared Time
Hélène Vogelsinger - Contemplation
Outer Space - Vanishing Act

Aerial Palettes

Aerial Palettes is a monthly excursion to the fields of contemporary classical, sound design and ambient soundscapes, built around particular constructs and music ideologies. Curated by Roman Ćinske, he is joined by a rotating array of composers, musicians and experimental producers who provide an enchanting, yet challenging backdrop to sink into the immersive.

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