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Aerial Palettes w/ Margaux Gazur

  • Field Recordings
  • Live Performance
  • Ambient
  • Minimalism
Artist — Track Name

Aging - Keening & Crying (The Tapeloop Orchestra Remix)
KMRU - Uneven
Alliyah Enyo - HYMN 4 empty club
Leo Svirsky - Rain, Rivers, Forest, Corn, Wind, Sand
Zaumne - Oeil Rouge
Burning Pyre - Perfume
Richie Culver - Dream about yourself
Part II - Margaux Gazur Live @ Silent Green

Aerial Palettes

Aerial Palettes is a bi-monthly excursion to the fields of sound design, free jazz, neoclassical and ambient soundscapes, built around particular constructs and music ideologies. Curated by Roman Ćinske, he is joined by a rotating array of composers, musicians and experimental producers who provide an enchanting, yet challenging backdrop to be immersed in.

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