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ACID TEST w/ Trieste & Ayesha

  • Leftfield Techno
  • Electro
  • Breakbeat
  • Acid
  • Psychedelic

Trieste is back in the mix on this month’s ACID TEST after a 2 month hiatus, joined by Control Freak and Kindergarten Records alumni Ayesha on the guest mix. Wonky chuggers, wigged out club tracks and scattered drum rhythms throughout. Tracks inside from Golden Bug, Roza Terenzi, ZWOYLD & more, plus new Erbium Records.

Artist — Track Name

Larum (Micah Frank & Chet Doxas) - Life After Life
Sid Quirk - B_F L_R
Roza Terenzi - Illusions
Deadhand - Touch featt. Sensational (REQ's Dub)
Mani Festo - Chuggr [Forthcoming Erbium Records]
Golden Bug - Tamba (Multi Culti Dance-Dub)
Logtoad - Hex Acid

Breaka & Bakey - Pro Perc
French II & King of Snake - Tribal Drum
Client_03 - Self Doubt Injector
Reptant - Phasic Reflex
Private Caller - Luv
LCY - Teeth
Client_03 - Wavefile_Dayjob
Ingi Visions - Throwback
Blitz (Hodge Remix) - Wen
Unknown - Sound of Da Police Acid Edit
Client_03 - Debt Loop Buffer
Ayesha - Fractals
Breaka and Bakey - Club Dynamics
Velaluna - Snek (Farsight Remix)

ACID TEST w/ Trieste

A bubbling vat of oddball electronics, psychedelic sentiment and twitchy club sounds. Mixed by Trieste with fresh ingredients from friends & guests. May contain side effects.

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