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A Song Is Not An Island

  • Experimental
  • Free Jazz
  • Ambient
  • Minimalism
Artist — Track Name

Grimm Grimm - Behold a pale horse
Don Cherry - Don’s Dawn
Archie Shepp - Contracts
Keith Jarrett - The Koln concert
Saloli - Yona
Group Listening - Five hundred miles
Grimm Grimm - Making my eyes bleed
Telectu - Diagonale
Akusmi - Oblique I
Nils Frahm - As a reminder
Rick Cuevas - The birds
Ross From Friends - ‘ John Cage’

A Song Is Not An Island

An hour from a wide range of genres that wants to enhance the inexhaustible secret of music. A song doesn't stand alone, it is not an island, it always refers back to others, it is connected to other songs with sometimes thick and sometimes thin threads; When you listen to a song in a mix, even if you already know it, it is like listening to it in a new way, thanks to this interconnection. It could communicate new stories, new worlds.

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