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À Rebours w/ Zhe Pechorin

  • Shoegaze
  • Industrial
  • Dark Ambient
  • Electronica

À Rebours returns with a special mix from Serbian producer Zhe Pechorin. Fresh off the back of her recent release 'Boundary Lessons' out on Etang Brulant, lock in for an hour of swelling, glitchy postindustrial sounds.

Photo: Lumi Aalto

Artist — Track Name

ϙue - red fog
Katatonic Silentio - Viscerale
Jochen Irmler - Red Land
Saffronkeira & Siavash Amini - Kernel
Alberich - Quantized Angel
Dhakira - La possibilité d'un après
Sharp Veins - Paste 2
Evitceles - Skin Deep
KP Transmission - Anatomy
Restive Plaggona - He Wants, She Doesn't
Maths Balance Volumes - We Had Time
David Toop - Always she seemed to be listening to some foray in the blood, that had no known setting
Dot Product - Error Message
Ataşehir - outside Shake Shack
Undveld - Seeing Through The Broken Glass In My Head
The Underground Youth - Amerika
Smetnja - Superbond

À Rebours

À Rebours evokes the glimmer of a jewel box, the deliciousness of obscurity and daydreaming, with a heady mix of moody ambient, electronica and industrial music.

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