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A Better Break w/ The Pool

  • Jazz
  • Dub
  • Soul
Artist — Track Name

June Chikuma - Oddman Hypothesis
Wool and The Pants - Botttom Of Tokyo
Casiopea - Inishie Old Times (Edit)
ChariChari - Urin
Minoru Fushimi - Hone Made Aishite (Love Me To The Bone)
El - Malo - Mighty Planet (pf Version)
Hiroshi Sato - Jo Do
Spiritual Vibes - Scheme Supreme
Ryo Kawasaki - Long Time Before You Were Born
Haruomi Hasono - SFX
Pecker - Kylyn
Joe Hisaishi - A6
Earthling - Morning Song
Kimiko Kasai - Love Celebration
Terumasa Hino - Send Me Your Feelings
Takako Mamiya - Love Trip
Yasuko - Skindo Le Le
Eri Ohno - Skyfire
Minako Yoshida - Midnight Driver
Haruko Kuwana - On The Sea Shore
Light Of The World - London Town

A Better Break w/ The Pool

A Better Break is a joint venture from Matty J of the Pool Agency and Thomas Govan aka Spice Route. Having both been immersed in dance music in one shape or form for many years the pair still share an undimmed enthusiasm for searching out new music and undiscovered oldies to share. A Better Break is always on the horizon.

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