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A Better Break w/ The Pool

  • House
  • R&B
  • Downtempo
Artist — Track Name

The Peacful Ones - The light
Ron Trent - Fresh on your Love
Rotaery Connection - The Vine of Hapiness
Cloud One - Patti Duke
The Peacful Ones - For your Love
Daniel Wang - Like some dream, I cant stop Dreamiung
Dolby - Airwaves
Pyschic Mirrors - Midnight Special
Ron Trent - ON a Journey
Womanch and Womach - MPB (Paradise Ballroom Mix)
Jamie Woon - Sharpness
Misty Oldland - You Came
Loose Ends - Feel the Vibe
Classic Man - Love
MG Band - Got to give it up
The New Sound of Soul - The Strength
Shafty - Deeep Inside you
The Peacful Ones - Radio Love Controler
Sylvian + Sakamoto - Bamboo Houses
Grinny - Can't be serious
Kissing the Pink - Big Man Restless

A Better Break w/ The Pool

A Better Break is a joint venture from Matty J of the Pool Agency and Thomas Govan aka Spice Route. Having both been immersed in dance music in one shape or form for many years the pair still share an undimmed enthusiasm for searching out new music and undiscovered oldies to share. A Better Break is always on the horizon.

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