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999HZ w/ Angelkin

Artist — Track Name

INIT - Benzin
L. F. T. - Don't Try
Siobhan - Dispel Goodnes
Brainbombs - It's A Burning Hell
Stevie Whisper - Lavender (feat. Mystee)
Benedikt Frey - Attitude
Kris Baha - Barely Alive (Job Sifre Remix)
Steve Summers - Of Unknown Origin
Local Artist - Boys Cry
RX-101 - The Calmness Of Distortion
Eggfooyoung - Hoconut Grove
Aux 88 - Electro, Techno
Soft Blade - Ksv
DJ Hell - The Disaster
DJ Overdose - RaZor

999Hz w/ Angelkin

An hour of celestial frequencies from the ether, 999hz delves into the outer reaches of experimental, electronica and all else in between.

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