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58 w/ Lulu

  • Alternative Rock
  • Indie
  • Art Rock
Artist — Track Name

A. R Kane - Crazy Blue
Thin White Rope - Moonhead
Starks - Wondergirl
Beat Happening - What's Important
Peru Ubu - (PA) Ubu Dance Party
The Fall - King
REM - 1,000,000
Dinosaur Jr - In A Jar
The Pixies - Monkey Gone Heaven
The Feelings - Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Throwing Muses - Soul Soldier
The Durutti Column - Katherine
Field Mice - Couldn't Feel Safer
Linda Perhacs - Call Of The River
Love - Old Man

58 w/ Lulu

Lulu is 58 and 58 is Lulu. A personal guided tour through 58’s record collection and Lulu’s headspace. Expect a lot of moody art rock and an excessive use of adjectives.

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