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1999 Presents w/ Alamay, Fiiné & GUTTR

  • Lo-Fi Hip-Hop
  • Experimental Hip-Hop
  • Trap
  • UK Drill
  • Beats
Artist — Track Name

GUTTR - All my Life
GUTTR x FIINE - Android Love
GUTTR - More Time
Murse - Mortalised
Murse - Style Like Ken
GUTTR - SHawty
GUTTR - Your All Alone
GUTTR - Track 1
Fiine - And Again
Fiine - to a smooth future
Fiine - Waiting
Murse - Weekday
GUTTR - Dark and Cold
Fiine x Avoice -
Fiine - Found the third room
Fiine -????
GUTTR - MEtal GEar Solid
Morse - BUssa
Murse - dayus
Murse - W_Me

1999 Presents w/ Alamay, Fiiné & GUTTR

1999 Presents Alamay, Fiiné & GUTTR, showcasing a vast selection of new school R&B, Experimental Hip Hop, Grime and 140 deep from within the 1999 archives. Alongside this curated blend of new and unreleased Bristol music, the 99 team will also be playing through some of their top tracks from the year so far and having an insightful talk on some new and exciting projects that are to come later on this year.

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