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12th Isle

  • Ambient Jazz
  • Fourth World
  • New Wave
  • Psychedelic Rock
  • Spiritual Jazz
Artist — Track Name

Mu - Some Say
Veetdharm Morgan Fisher - Meeting And Merging
Jan Reimer - The Point Of No Return
Ova - Rianforest
Lili - Gitana Morena
Between - Devotion
Yoshiaki Ochi - Madal Sonic
Richard Burmer - Solarsex
Doug Hammond - We People
Ben Vince ft. Raven Bush & Rupert Clervaux - Resolve
D.K. - Forthcoming 12th Isle
Ted Lucas - It Is So Nice To Get Stoned
Joseph Shabason - I Thought That I Could Get Away With It

12th Isle

The Label's brief monthly offering of whatever music's floating their proverbial boat at the time.

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