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Residents Bin: September & October '22

A monthly roundup of releases from residents of the station from August and September.

Words Noods Editorial Published 06.10.22

As last month didn't have a Resident Bin, we've squished last month into this — so get your ears around a new album from Melbourne's nightmare art rock outfit Concentration via ATC, long awaited dub gear from Elijah Minnelli on Accidental Meetings, four treats from Lurka, 2/3 of Tara Clerkin Trio doing what they do best and obviously much more.

Elijah Minnelli — Creamed Horn

Resident: Accidental meetings w/ Lucien Douglas Label: Accidental Meetings
Digital Vinyl

The very long awaited EP from Elijah Minnelli — delayed for god knows how long — and also packed full of delays. Lovely little treat on Bristol via London and Brighton powerhouse, Accidental Meetings (happy four years by the way AM fam).

Hypnotic, stripped back dub workouts laced with strange percussion from afar and dubbed out in the format tradition. Definitely catch you out between the haze in a place where feet move seamlessly. What are you doing man, get listening and buy the 10"!

As of writing this the memotone release has just come out so go and share some love on that delightful thing, it's a seriously great album from a rare talent.

AM we are forever in your debt.

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Alienationist — Don't Worry, You Can Always Be Reborn As a Screenshot

Resident: Arcane Patterns Label: Self-Released

Nightmare world of the fittingly named Alienationist debut album here. Rooted in UK dance music inflections and ridden with freaked out vocal utterances, drum break fuckery, polyrhymic nightmare rhythmics and dubbed out pad softness.

Really great project from this artist, experimental electronica for the freaks and the weirdos looking to be scared a little bit and maybe even shake their legs a little too.

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COWPER — Warrior

Resident: Between Stations Label: Red Waxxx Records

Cowper's addition to this Red Waxxx comp in true chugger fashion is packed full of pumping kick drums, glittery pads and even a bit of guided meditation? Perfect, exactly what you need to send your dance floor into a deep trance.

Rest of the comp covers darker sides of techno, EBM, downtempo and not least a drone piece. Go check the whole thing.

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Tara Clerkin & Pat Benjamin — Live @ Bliss Archive

Resident: Bliss Archive Label: Bliss Archive
Digital Cassette

Recorded live in March of 2022 at Bristol's most prized possession Strange Brew, Bliss archive present a cassettified version of the events unfolded via to thirds of experimental jazz trio Tara Clerkin Trio.

Tara on the A side showcases a tour of CDJ fuckery, exploring the outer reaches of jazz - collaging together a veritable feast of jazz sounds far and wide into a patchwork of her own. Pat, kitted with a piano and a selection of effects, guides you through an intense smorgasbord of contemporary classical infused with the jazz fingers he's become known for as part of the outfit, ebbing and flowing seamlessly.

You know what to do.

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Ashanti Selah & Dan-I Locks — Vibes Up

Resident: Dub Junction w/ Simma Label: Dub Junction
Digital Vinyl

Hull based Dub Junction return with Vibes Up courtesy of Ashanti Selah & Dan-I Locks. Four treatments to the title track, various dub inflections injected into each one, vocals? yes, raw? yes. It's got it all - and it's stamped onto a heavy disc people still love so what are you doing sound boy? Grab it, play it loud.

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Concentration — Aren't You Gonna Introduce Me To Your Friend?

Resident: Avon Terror Corps Label: Avon Terror Corps
Digital Vinyl

I don't really know where to begin with this one. It's such a delicious soup of so many different things only Concentration could whip up - futuro-industrial, spoken word spat nightmares, rock fuel for bad and good days. It's production is top tier, really tight - it flows seamlessly - why don't more people do that?

Whimsical yet heartfelt avant-garde art rock with industrial flavours sitting entirely in it's own world. Where would we be without Avon Terror Corps hey? Go and support this amazing band and incredible label.

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Lurka — Powers

Resident: Fringe White w/ Lurka Label: Self Released

Boss Lurka back at it again with enough production flare to make you feel insecure about your stack of unfinished Ableton projects. Seriously though, what a producer the mans a wizard in the DAW.

I would say - probably club facing drum workouts, beautifully stitched and tightened with a lot of UK flavours however with an experimental touch - probably certain to make most people dance. Load up the USB DJ's.

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nosync — HD Assets Vol.2

Resident: Milk, No Sugar w/ Nicky Soft Touch Label: Ghost Notes Worldwide

Second round of HD Assets on Ghost Notes Worldwide from nosync. Twisted synths sprayed all over the place and pounding percussions with strictly no hi-hats - interesting all the way through and really nicely put together.

Well worth it for those who like their heads blown off a bit in the club and to ride just a little bit on the line to insanity. Good stuff nosync, good stuff Ghost Notes.

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Midnight Manoeuvres — Pastime

Resident: Midnight Manoeuvres Label: Badlands

Finally, enter Midnight Manoeuvres. Via recently incarnated label Badlands, this London based producer presents four tracks spanning everything from low hung downtempo movements, polyrhythmic synth slitherings and spook fuelled UK dance flavours.

Fans of darker UK dance music dig in. It sits very nicely between the old and the new, has great breaks, neat kick drums and a slight dose of melody in there too so it'll keep your parents happy.

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