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Resident Focus: 1–800-Dubplate/Disc World

From a grassroots crowdfunder, the Deptford based 1–800-Dubplate cutting service and Disc World shop/label were able to come to fruition early this year. The two behind these projects, Chris and Lewis are now able to work their niche dream into a scene that needs what they offer.

Words Noods Editorial Published 26.11.20
Outside of Disc World

Chris and Lewis both share a long career working in various corners deep in the music scene, as well as producing records for a slew of labels under the names ‘Dexta’ and ‘Sicknote’ respectively. They came together in 2012 when Lewis booked Chris for his party down on Brick Lane. Following this they stayed in touch, bonding over their shared love for music and continuing to play at each other's nights. This saw the beginning of a long friendship, culminating in the birth of their brainchildren, 1–800-Dubplate and Disc World.

The cutting service came to life in a part-time form early in 2019 and that summer Chris found himself out of work, so the need to expand became somewhat pressing. This ultimately lead to Disc World’s start, with its Kickstarter beginning in November. Their prior relationship sharing a similar passion for cutting edge dance music coupled with their history of working within the industry made Lewis the obvious person to help actualise this dream. Late one night in a moment of madness Chris designed the logo for Disc World, soon after asking Lewis if he wanted to open up the shop with him, and the rest in Chris’s words is literally “history in the making”.

Disc world Logo

Obviously fitting something like this into an increasingly digital scene that seems to have forgotten the process of small-run pressings presents its financial problems. So, to build a community and acquire the necessary funding, crowdsourcing was the obvious choice. Beginning late last year it quickly garnered wide support with a slew of articles following in music press, reaching all the funds in half the allotted time and putting out the first release on Disc World along with it. It’s clear the ones that knew, had both a passion and need for the service they offer.

In the face of an impending COVID-19 lockdown (with the help of their troops) the boys prevailed and managed to open up the shop earlier this year, after a few long days and nights getting the racks and everything in the shop assembled, as well as one final push handwriting all the labels for each record the night before. However, the shop had to shut a few weeks following the launch due to lockdown. The silver lining here being they were able to begin marketing the shop online and maintain the momentum that came with the crowd-funder.

Picture of people chatting in shop

With the madness of opening up the shop, the two have been prioritising the shop and labels. Meaning, for the time being, personal music-making has been put ever so slightly on the back-burner. However, it’s fair to say in the relatively short time they’ve been releasing music they’ve been nothing if not prolific with over 40 releases between them. Both focus their production on forward-thinking jungle/drum & bass with a heavy nod to faithful 90’s techniques, while maintaining independence and uniqueness in their respective flavours. Heavy breaks, deep reese basses, crunchy yet clear production… hard not to love really.

As well as this, Chris along with a small team runs the label Diffrent Music which landed on its tenth year this year, with its sub-labels SweetBox & Are We Really Alone taking off recently. Lewis launched his label Stereocilia a couple of years back with releases dripping through each year. It’s exciting to still see great drum & bass being delivered in a faithful format.

Black and white photo Dr Dubplate in shop

The two have managed to cultivate a great space to sling the records they like, press the music they love, and support the scene they hold dear. Keep your eyes peeled for more releases from themselves, the Disc World imprint, their respective labels as well as potential workshops, talks and live stuff in the shop (Covid permitting). Of course, if you want a record pressed yourself head over to the site (they are very reasonably priced). Also, Go buy some records and be sure to check out their archive of consistently great shows for us here!