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Cinnaman - Agami Heron
Francesco Cavaliere - Alpan Index Quimera
DJ F16 Falcon - You Make Me Feel So Good
Maahrt - Lag
The Bug - Countdown To Elimination
Ghost Producer - Soundboy Annihilator Riddim
Mick Harris - Tat Man
King Rambo Sound - Hadal
Oresst - 2
Yssue - Doesn't Mean Alive
Jita Sensation - Posuere Nec
Nadia Struiwigh - R5V
Mediteranos - Necormania
Emanuelle Parrenin - Gelbe Schlange
Pablo's Eye - Jaco 92
Leo - Numberless Mile Territory
Jules LePull - Rince Cochon (8,5% Mix)
Olta Karawane - Michto
Roberto Auser & Ian Martin - Face Two
Beta Evers - Hiding
Trii Group - Propolis
Plen Soleil - Plasma Dub
King Rambo Sound - Get Mad
L.F.T - Smell Of Metal
Georgia - no urtext, no ursituation
Bear Bones Lay Low - Lord


Plaque is a record label ran by Bristol's long time promoter, selector and producer Matt Light aka Yokel - part of the Avon Terror Corps and Slack Alice crews. Two hours, 7pm every fourth Monday of the month.

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